Ewin Racing - Facebook Advertising


Ewin Racing AU is the Australian distributor of Ewin Racing products, which include gaming seats and equipment. With no wholesale distribution, sales are made through website orders and eBay.

The Task

Having contributed to a highly successful new website build, Butterflys was tasked with building out a new audience through Facebook advertising. Butterflys were responsible for full strategy and execution.


Marketing gaming chairs through organic digital marketing methods is difficult in today's competitive climate. With a restricted budget, no notable influencers that could spread the word to an Australian audience, Facebook advertising was the most logical next step in the allocation of resources to attain sales and move Ewin Racing product.

Facebook advertising, along with other forms of paid digital marketing such as Google Adwords, Google and YouTube ads are significant areas of opportunity for small businesses looking to reach new audiences. From our perspective, it is imperative that any new business looking to sell a product or a service allocates a specific budget to paid advertising, as a proper strategy that incorporates this marketing element will pay significant dividends.


Responsible for the full strategy and execution, Butterflys worked to create viable forms of paid advertising that would be placed across multiple forms of social media. This included Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Instagram Stories and Side-Column placements.

In today's e-commerce, multiple-option economy, it was essential that customers purchasing a one-time product (i.e. repeat purchases unlikely for the significant future) were provided an incentive to click through and learn more about Ewin when a paid ad was in front of them. Aligning with marketing strategy that is also taken care of by Butterflys, we worked to create a highly attractive offer to potential customers, maximising the chance of cold audience conversions (people who are visiting the website for the first time).

This launch paid campaign was planned to complement the work-from-home situation that developed during COVID-19, with many employees looking to purchase home office equipment for 2020. As such, the content, copy and links directed the customers were tailored to their immediate needs.


For the month of April 2020, with limited Facebook data and a new audience to scout, Ewin Racing achieved a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 6.07:1. For each dollar that was spent on Facebook ads, $6.07 was returned, a fantastic return considering that there was no previous data to work off, and the majority of customers were new to the brand. Facebook advertising accounted for 60% of the total store revenue for the month of April.

Building off this strong month, we are now able to work closely with Ewin to dial in the paid audience, attaining even lower cost per acquisition and target audiences that are more likely to purchase. With content, copy and links yet to be optimised, the learnings from a highly successful launch month will only provide greater success in the future.

For any business with a low digital audience, paid digital advertising can be a valuable tool if planned and executed correctly. Butterflys is your partner to undertake this area for your business, get more eyes onto your products and more importantly drive sales. Shoot us a message to learn more.