Ewin Racing - Website Rebuild


Ewin Racing AU is the Australian distributor of Ewin Racing products, which include gaming seats and equipment. With no wholesale distribution, sales are made through website orders and eBay.

The Task

Referred to Butterflys by one of our previous clients, Ewin Racing AU approached us to rebuild their website, and transfer the hosting platform from WordPress to Shopify. The two key points stressed by the client were:

  • A backend that was easy to manage; and
  • Modernise the frontend experience for customers.


When analysing the website build for Ewin Racing, there were a number of issues that were apparent with the previous website:

  • As Ewin Racing AU was a side-project, there was little time to attend to the build of the previous website, along with learning how to use it. This meant that all changes required the hiring of a web developer. There was a lack of understanding of how the website worked, however there wasn't enough time for the client to play around and try understand the complexities of the previous backend;
  • Compared to competitors such as Secretlabs and AK Racing, the old frontend was significantly outdated, with an UX that was cumbersome and difficult to navigate;
  • An absence of easily credible and useable features/apps/add-ons to enhance the website experience for both customer and staff; and
  • Lacking in different payment methods for customers to secure their purchase.


The migration to Shopify was something the client was eager to press forward with, which aligns with our direction for the majority of client work that we undertake. For SMEs, we highly recommend Shopify, for a variety of reasons that you can find on our case study on Carbonetics.

The website was rebuilt over the course of a couple of weeks, with the products and their associated data migrated across and entered. The team developed the frontend with a minimalist directive.

The benefit of this was two-fold:

  1. Save on associated costs in the build, minimising time spent on building, but also time to make changes in the future; and
  2. Provide only the information a customer requires to make a purchase, which is critical for a high-value, one-time purchase like furniture and office/home equipment.

As such, within two weeks the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of the website was launched, ready to fulfil the entire purchase process.

To rectify payment method issues, Butterflys reached out and secured payment partnerships with Australia's two leading payment providers in ZipPay and AfterPay. In line with contemporary e-commerce businesses, and the target market of young consumers, sourcing two payment methods was an essential step to make Ewin purchases worthwhile for potential customers.

The Outcome

Butterflys has since taken on Ewin Racing AU as a client, and has continued to work on all elements of the business. The website will continue to evolve as the database continues to grow through marketing activities, however the ease of use has already contributed to success.

In March 2020, at the commencement of the early stages of COVID-19 and consumer uncertainty, Ewin Racing AU generated record revenue through quick turnaround campaigns to maximise the demand for seats and home-office equipment as customers began to work from home.

More telling was the percentage of orders paid via ZipPay and AfterPay, which contributed to 55% of all payments. Large quantities of customers for March were sourced via AfterPay Day, an external campaign by AfterPay to promote its retailers.

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