Bausele - Social Media Branding


Bausele is Australia's leading premium watch brand. Founded in 2012, the business sells watches both online through e-commerce, and also through retail distribution to both boutique and large retailers.

The Task

Bausele approached Butterflys towards the back end of 2019 to rebuild the consistency on social media posts. Having stagnated and lost following for the past 18 months, the business hired new senior management and changed the brand direction. As social media is the immediate branding and first impression for many new consumers, Butterflys was tasked to rebuild the vision and moodboard for the @bausele Instagram feed.


Bausele sells small range of premium timepieces that take inspiration from Australian icons and culture. The change in brand direction altered messaging from a predominant focus on tourists coming into Australia, to a brand that Australians could be proud of. The timepiece was to represent what Australia stood for as a lifestyle.

Over the past two years, Bausele had stagnated and lost followers despite gaining verification from Facebook. Engagement was down, as was the traffic that the account was bringing to the website.

When tasked with this project, there were a number of key issues identified, including:

  • Lack of new content as a result of the absence of briefings and moodboards. Content from the past 3-4 years was being recycled, photos that many of the followers had seen before.
  • Inconsistency in posting, with sporadic intervals between each post.
  • Each post did not have a distinct theme, with composition, products and context scrambled.


Social media is the first impression for the majority of consumers looking to purchase a product, which meant that it was integral that an overhaul in the content creation process was explored, rather than isolating content for social purposes.

There needs to be consistency between a website, paid advertising and ultimately where the consumer shops: the website. With this mind, we created a basic moodboard with the colours, themes and composition that was necessary to tell a story with each image.

Moodboards transcend briefs, and stay consistent regardless of campaign, promotion or product. With this in mind, we were able to progress with the vision for the Instagram feed.

With the content not yet created, we took inspiration from competitors to create the Instagram feed. Rather than breaking the feed by products, we took a themed approach that would be suitable for all situations. As a premium brand, it was important to incorporate easily understandable, informative content for Bausele's audience. These themes, as seen in the graphic above were:

  • Lifestyle Shot
  • Product Shot | On Wrist
  • Product Shot | Product Only

This small selection of themes is strong enough to convey all messages the brand needs to address through social media, which are:

  • Information, education;
  • Inspiration, motivation; and
  • Entertainment.

The Outcome

Bausele's decline in followers plateaued towards the back end of 2019, and since new shoots and content have been executed, organic and paid marketing has contributed to the re-growth of @bausele followers, along with easy-to-use, and easily repurposed content that has found its way onto all platforms, from website to paid marketing.

Butterflys continues to work with Bausele in building the brand and communicating the Australian lifestyle through its timepieces.

Looking to re-brand, or just need your social media taken care of? Reach out and let's explore it together.